Finding ways to get people back to doing what they love.

I have worked as a Medical Doctor in various hospitals in England and Australia.

Much as I enjoyed my job, what interested me the most was how to help people with chronic musculoskeletal pain. However, I felt limited in my role as a Doctor as my main job was prescribing medications and giving routine advice before referring to physio or surgery.

Despite this, there were people who would continue to have pain or gain only temporary relief from treatments, becoming reliant on returning again and again for therapy.

Added to this, I was increasingly hearing complaints from people of my age, that they had to give up exercise and sport due to back / knee or shoulder pain with a sense that this was an inevitable part of ageing.

I looked into various techniques but felt that they were usually limited by either having short term effects or by the patient being dependant on someone else ‘fixing’ them. Also there was often lack of scientific evidence that the treatment worked.

When I came across the Alexander Technique, it ticked all the boxes for me. This teaching / self help method looks for the root cause of pain and has evidence to back it up.

After 1600 hours of training at the Alexander Technique School in Fitzroy, graduating in 2016, I am delighted to be following my passion for helping people with chronic pain.

When not at work, I enjoy a simple life, spending time with my family including two daughters, walking the dog, being nagged by the cat, enjoying movies and seeking the best lattés in Melbourne.




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