Are you struggling with work related pain from prolonged sitting/ standing or bending for your job?
Have you tried lots of things with minimal or only temporary success?
Have you had to give up your favourite sport or hobby or even work?

The Alexander Technique is an evidence based posture and movement program.

We don’t often think about HOW we sit, stand and move and why should we? We have plenty of other things to think about. Unfortunately though, it may be the way we are moving, standing or sitting that is causing our pain.

Too much tension in one part of the body is counteracted with too much slack in another area. Traditional exercises target localized muscles but the Alexander Technique is a global method to learn whole body use in all areas of your life.

Steps involved are;

•observing how you sit, stand and move

• learning new ways to change the HOW you perform these activities for improved function

• extending this to other activities that interest you.



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