Do you have posture related pain from prolonged sitting/ standing or bending at work?
Have you tried to find help with minimal or only temporary success?
Have you had to give up your favourite sport/ hobby or job due to your pain?

The Alexander Technique is an evidence based posture and movement program.

You may never consider HOW you sit, stand and move and why should you? You have plenty of other things to think about. Unfortunately though, it may be the way you are moving that is causing your pain.

Traditional exercises target one part of the body. This may lead to a short term fix.

But, if you keep moving the same way, your pain may return.

During a lesson, an Alexander Technique teacher will:

•observe how you sit, stand and move

• teach you new ways to change HOW you perform these activities for improved function

• extend this to other activities that interest you or causes pain



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